Houston Beer Week 2015

Hello Houston!

In late October you may have noticed a teaser tweet about big changes to Houston Beer Week…

I know you are probably wondering what a rabbit has anything to do with HBW and well, let’s just hop right to it. The 2015 Houston Beer Week will be happening April 18th through April 25th!

Why We’re Moving to Spring

Houston Beer Week has historically taken place in November. With the rise of craft beer popularity in Houston, November became saturated with beer-related events. Don’t get us wrong, this is very exciting! But we want Houston Beer Week to be its very best every year and that means getting as much participation from bars, breweries, and beer nerds as possible. In order to not overwhelm any of our partners, the smart choice was to take our eight-day event and move it to Spring. We hope you agree.

Why We Took 2014 Off

Unfortunately, there was no Houston Beer Week in 2014, but we know it doesn’t mean Houston has forgotten about us! Houston Beer Week decided to take a step back in 2014 to strategize and determine the best way to carry on the HBW legacy. We determined in order for HBW to be successful moving forward, we would need a bigger team behind it, a broader reach across the greater Houston area, and a better time for this week long event.

“Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing” – Ron Swanson


Who is Behind HBW

One of Houston’s most recognizable craft beer champions, Cathy Rascoe and her husband Jay, created the first Houston Beer Week in 2010. With HBW she set out to do two things: support craft beer in Texas and support our community through charitable works. During the organization of four years of HBW and annual charity beer festivals at Guadalupe Plaza Park, the Houston beer community has grown quite a bit. As Texas is now the third fastest-growing state in craft breweries, Houston Beer Week is playing with the big kids now, and will need some extra hands on deck. In order to continue the success of HBW and foster its growth into one of the best beer weeks in the country, Cathy and Jay have decided to hand off the position of Chief Bottle Washer to a small group of Houston’s finest beer fans. HBW will continue to be one of the nation’s only all-volunteer Beer Weeks, independent of corporate ownership. Who are these new guys? We are people you already know. We are your most loyal bar patrons, we run into you on big release days, anniversary parties, tap takeovers, and lunchtime brews. We are a volunteer-based group dedicated to the cause behind HBW and we are ready to make 2015 an even better year for craft beer in Houston.

How You Can Get Involved

Be part of the Houston Beer Week Committee! As a committee member, you’ll be organized into teams based upon the different sections of the greater Houston area. Each team will reach out to bars, restaurants, and retail establishments in that area and get them ready for HBW 2015! We will be accepting registrations along with dues soon. Head over to our committee page for more information or give us your email address to get updated right from your inbox:






Sponsorship Inquiries

Houston Beer Week is made possible by our sponsors, and advertising with HBW is a great way to get your message to the growing base of dedicated craft beer fans. Please direct all sponsorship inquiries to [email protected].

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Houston: The Floodgates Are Now Open

You’ve been waiting all year, and it’s finally time.
The Houston Beer Week calendar is ready to accept events from bars, restaurants, growler shops, retailers, breweries, and maybe even the Houston Symphony if they’d like to get on board.  The sky is the limit.
New for 2013,  we have an easy way for everyone to submit their Beer Week events online with two super easy steps.
1) Visit this link, which will prompt you to register with your name and email, then check your email for your new password.
2) Visit this Submit New Event page, and log in with your password. Here you can easily add new events, as well as edit your existing events.
There is no limit of how many events you add, or how creative you can be.
For example,  Mongoose vs Cobra paired craft beers with poetry readings  last year.  Pretty sure that’s a first.
Once submitted, the events will be reviewed by a moderator and published on the Houston Beer Week website, at no cost to you.  The HBW calendar is  free marketing for your craft beer establishment- meticulously built by the Houston Beer Week Committee, a team of local volunteers who love craft beer.
If you’d like to add an image to the event, please make sure it is credited properly, and that you have permission to use the image.
The events are already pouring in for this exciting week, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.



-The Houston Beer Week Committee
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Big Announcements for 2013

Hello, all!

First of all, in case you haven’t marked your calendars yet, Houston Beer Week will fall on November 9-16 this year. Help us spread the word!  As always, the week will be filled with a variety of craft beer-related events all over the city.  We will be opening the calendar for submissions sometime in September.  Additionally, like last year, we will have a Houston Beer Week Committee that will assist with the management and outreach of Houston Beer Week.  Members from last year will be notified when it opens for membership this year by the end of July, and the Committee will open for new members on August 5th.  So, if you were a HBW Committee member last year, look out for an email in the coming weeks.  If not, but you are interested in joining our merry band of beer geeks, come back on August 5th and join the team.  Dues remain the same — $20 and will get you access to our beer-centric meetings, an opportunity to purchase a HBW Committee shirt and represent our crew during beer week.

In addition, we’d like to announce a couple of changes for 2013.  The rumors you’ve heard are true, we’ve chosen not to hold The Draft this year (formerly Monsters of Beer).  However, we are excited to announce that the Untapped Festival is coming to Houston in November.  If you’re unfamiliar with Untapped, it’s a craft beer/indie music festival.  It has been extremely successful in Dallas and Fort Worth, and we’re happy to see it here in Houston.  The festival organizers will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to Live It Big, benefiting Friday Harbour and Stepping Stones Charter School.  The venue and date have not been set in stone yet, but you can follow @untappedfest on Twitter and Facebook for new details.  They will be accepting volunteers for the festival soon, and we’ll be hitting up the HBWC members to help out!

Also, we’d like to announce Kevin Healy as our new Executive Captain for 2013.  Kevin was a member of the Houston Beer Week Committee last year, and we believe he has a lot to bring to the management and expansion of HBW.  Kevin has a background in technical computer stuff.  He has raised funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by cycling 100 miles last month and raising over $4,200 for the charity.   He also really likes craft beer, and that’s really important.

We’re super excited to have Kevin in this new leadership role for HBW, so give him a good welcome!

Jay and Cathy




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The Houston Beer Week Committee

Well kids, it’s that time of year again!  Time for Houston Beer Week to kick off it’s 4th year!  We are really excited this year and want you to join us.  Like last year, we are forming a committee of like-minded craft beer lovers to join in the fun and to help get Houston Beer Week organized.

It isn’t hard work.  Essentially, we have pared down the tasks to make it really easy this year.  We are organizing the Committee into teams based upon sections of the greater Houston area — so Montrose, Katy, Sugar Land, Heights, etc.  Each Team will reach out to the bars, restaurants and retail establishments in that area to make them aware of Houston Beer Week, encourage the establishments to create events for beer week, and to assist getting those events on the Houston Beer Week calendar.  Pretty dang simple.

Oh, and our meetings all have beer.  What could be better?  Dues are pretty small — $20 for the year.  If you are interested, visit this signup site get registered. http://www.showclix.com/event/3774464   We just held our first meeting, so you haven’t missed much and beer week is coming, so the best is yet to come.   Hope you will join us!

All the best,

Houston Beer Week Committee

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