Hello Houston!

In late October you may have noticed a teaser tweet about big changes to Houston Beer Week…

I know you are probably wondering what a rabbit has anything to do with HBW and well, let’s just hop right to it. The 2015 Houston Beer Week will be happening April 18th through April 25th!

Why We’re Moving to Spring

Houston Beer Week has historically taken place in November. With the rise of craft beer popularity in Houston, November became saturated with beer-related events. Don’t get us wrong, this is very exciting! But we want Houston Beer Week to be its very best every year and that means getting as much participation from bars, breweries, and beer nerds as possible. In order to not overwhelm any of our partners, the smart choice was to take our eight-day event and move it to Spring. We hope you agree.

Why We Took 2014 Off

Unfortunately, there was no Houston Beer Week in 2014, but we know it doesn’t mean Houston has forgotten about us! Houston Beer Week decided to take a step back in 2014 to strategize and determine the best way to carry on the HBW legacy. We determined in order for HBW to be successful moving forward, we would need a bigger team behind it, a broader reach across the greater Houston area, and a better time for this week long event.

“Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing” – Ron Swanson


Who is Behind HBW

One of Houston’s most recognizable craft beer champions, Cathy Rascoe and her husband Jay, created the first Houston Beer Week in 2010. With HBW she set out to do two things: support craft beer in Texas and support our community through charitable works. During the organization of four years of HBW and annual charity beer festivals at Guadalupe Plaza Park, the Houston beer community has grown quite a bit. As Texas is now the third fastest-growing state in craft breweries, Houston Beer Week is playing with the big kids now, and will need some extra hands on deck. In order to continue the success of HBW and foster its growth into one of the best beer weeks in the country, Cathy and Jay have decided to hand off the position of Chief Bottle Washer to a small group of Houston’s finest beer fans. HBW will continue to be one of the nation’s only all-volunteer Beer Weeks, independent of corporate ownership. Who are these new guys? We are people you already know. We are your most loyal bar patrons, we run into you on big release days, anniversary parties, tap takeovers, and lunchtime brews. We are a volunteer-based group dedicated to the cause behind HBW and we are ready to make 2015 an even better year for craft beer in Houston.

How You Can Get Involved

Be part of the Houston Beer Week Committee! As a committee member, you’ll be organized into teams based upon the different sections of the greater Houston area. Each team will reach out to bars, restaurants, and retail establishments in that area and get them ready for HBW 2015! We will be accepting registrations along with dues soon. Head over to our committee page for more information or give us your email address to get updated right from your inbox:






Sponsorship Inquiries

Houston Beer Week is made possible by our sponsors, and advertising with HBW is a great way to get your message to the growing base of dedicated craft beer fans. Please direct all sponsorship inquiries to [email protected].